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We carry out Periodic Inspection & Condition Reports to all types of Domestic premises. This report will inform you of the condition of your electrical installation and any areas that do not meet current standards, 18th edition of wiring regulations. We will therefore provide you with the full report on any necessaries works that maybe required bringing the installation to a satisfactory British standard of BS7671.


Hi-Tech Domestic Electrical Installation Services include:

  • ​​​Installation and Testing

  •  Re-Wiring

  •  Security Lighting

  •  Out Door Lighting and Power

  •  Extra power and Lighting Points

  •  Fire Alarms

  •  Landlord Certification

Although electrical installations are designed and constructed to a high standard, once an installation is in operation problems can occur due to the following causes:

A.  Change of use of the premises.

B.  After alterations or additions to the original installation.

C.  Where there is a possibility damage may have been caused by over loading.

D.  Change of ownership.

E.  Any significant change in the electrical current loading of the installation.


Condition Report provides evidence of compliance - Regulations BS7671.


Most electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration or alteration throughout their operational life. Therefore, planned recorded electrical inspection and testing will be essential to confirm the continuing safe operation of installed installations.


The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 places legal responsibility on the owner of an electrical installation to prevent electrical accidents. These regulations call for all electrical systems and apparatus which are, or may be, attached to the electrical installation, to be maintained in a safe condition so that individual users may be protected from electrical shock or fire hazards.


It is essential to decide when maintenance is necessary to prevent danger. This means that all electrical installations should be certified at least every 5 years.

Electrician North London
Electrician North London
Electrician North London

When we found that rewiring is required

Cables run through our walls, floors and fuse boxes and are hidden away in cupboards, making it all too easy to forget that the electrical wiring does need checking periodically. Cables, sockets and switches all deteriorate with use over time, and require regular checking. All houses should have their electrical wiring checked at least every ten years.

The 17th Edition was published on January 1st 2008, but its immediate impact was reduced due to the inclusion of a six-month bedding in period. This runs from January 1st to July 1st 2008, during which time both 16th Edition and 17th Edition compliant products can be specified and used.

Electrician North London
Electrician North London
Electrician NorthLondon

Electrical accidents happen more often than you think

Every year in UK around 70 people die and 1.2 million are injured as a result of electrical accidents at home.


The good news is that many of these injuries and deaths could be prevented by RCD protection - whether in the form of portable (plug-in) RCD, an RCD built into a socket or, best of all, RCD fixed in your consumer unit (fusebox).

Plug into Safety

Whenever you are working in the garden or planning a few home improvements, first make sure you are protected by an RCD. It could make the difference between life and death.

Like smoke detectors, RCD installed in your home could one day save your life.


Electrician North London
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